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Finding cheap holiday deals in August is never as easy as you want it to be! With many European destinations experiencing their best weather combined with the school holidays, demand soars and prices go through the roof. With families desperate to get away and see somewhere new, it isn’t uncommon that a family trip can set you back thousands of pounds, and that’s before you even get there! But hope is not completely lost when it comes to finding a cheap holiday deal in August. There are a few things you can do in order to keep the price as low as possible. DIY booking is an option which I will cover in a separate article, in this post we will focus on booking the best value package holiday in August.

When to book cheap holiday deals in August…

People often think that there might be last minute bargains if they wait. And this can be true for less popular times of travel, it is usually not true for August. Price drops tend to happen when the demand is low and companies are desperate to sell tickets (usually not a problem for them in August). Free child places can really help you keep costs down but these are limited so booking early can be beneficial. Another reason to book in advance is being able to spread the cost. Some companies like Jet2holidays will allow you to only pay a small deposit to secure the advance price and free child place. You then have the option to pay in monthly instalments which can make the trip feel more affordable. 
If you have left it a little late, never fear! I love this page on the TUI website which shows the discounted holidays for August, if you are flexible then you will be able to find lots of cheap holiday deals in August. Use the filter to put in who is travelling and your departing airports, then list from price low – high.

Cheapest dates to travel in August

Booking at the end of August is often cheaper than the start. Families are often keen to get away as soon as the school holidays start, and the idea of arriving home from a holiday the day before school restarts isn’t appealing for many. By travelling in these later weeks you can often save a fair amount of money. Have a look at this chart to get an idea of where you can go and what the different dates will cost. Change the departing airports to the ones you can fly from, and insert the number of people travelling.

Finding free child places

Finding free child places can save a chunk of your budget when looking for cheap holiday deals in August. This can be especially great if you have an infant and a young child. Jet2holidays and TUI allow infants (under age 2) to travel for free. Many of their holidays also offer free child places in addition to this. This can save hundreds of pounds and is a great option when looking for cheap holiday deals in August. 

All Inclusive vs Self Catering

Is All Inclusive better value? Well, it depends. In a destination where restaurant and bar prices are expensive, All Inclusive can work out better value if the alternative is eating out for every meal. If you plan to drink a lot of alcohol, this can really ramp up your spending and you may want to consider an All Inclusive package.
It is important to look into what is included with the All Inclusive package, are there snacks available between meals? Are alcoholic drinks limited? Do you have to pay extra for cocktails? Make sure you understand what you are paying for to avoid unexpected spending. The most budget friendly option is often Self Catering, where you get an apartment with a kitchenette and can prepare your own meals. £100 will often do a supermarket food shop for a family on a 7 night holiday. This can work out great for families with picky eaters who may struggle to find restaurants with dishes they will try. It can get very expensive if you are buying restaurant meals for children who then refuse to eat! But some families wont want to cook whilst on holiday, so it really comes down to individual circumstances.
If you plan to explore a lot and wont be in the hotel during the day, you probably wont make the most out of an All Inclusive stay. The bottom line is that one option isn’t better than the other, it comes down to individual preference and plans.

Be flexible on the destination if you want cheap holiday deals in August

You can save hundreds of pounds by being flexible and traveling to the cheapest destination. You may have your heart set of a particular resort, but another destination may be hundreds of pounds cheaper and be just as wonderful. Remember to always check a variety of reviews to get a feel for what a place is really like. Our search feature helps you find great DIY deals and only returns well reviewed hotels. Remember, people are more likely to go online to write a bad review than a good one. Some people leave bad reviews because the staff didn’t smile enough, because they smiled too much, because it was too lively in the evening, because it was too quiet in the evening, even because the weather wasn’t great during their stay! Take some time to read through the reviews and don’t automatically cross off an option because of a lower numerical review score. What is seen as a negative to one person, might not be to another.
The links in this article will take you to some useful pages to start your search. These are affiliate links, this means we earn a small commission for any sales made through the link, at no extra cost to yourself. Thank you in advance – Jen

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