Where To Travel in April?

Where To Travel in April?

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April is a great time to travel and there is no better time than now to get something booked in. With weather improving throughout Europe but prices still remaining low, April is a fantastic time to bag a bargain holiday. When people ask us “Where can I travel in April?” we are thinking about a variety of factors. ‘What will the weather be like?’ ‘Will the resort be open for tourists?’ ‘Is it affordable?’ More importantly we want to know ‘What does this person want from their holiday?”. If you want to explore historic sights, enjoy long coastal walks, do particular activities – then you don’t need the weather to be scorching hot. But if you want to lay on a beach and tan, the weather plays a much bigger part.




Where is hot in April?

Weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but certain places are more likely to have the sun shining with less chance of rain. If you want to travel in April and are looking for the hottest possible weather, you need to do your research. Below are the average temperatures for a variety of cheap destinations you can travel to in April. These are average high temperatures, meaning you have no guarantee that the weather will work in your favour. This is true at all times of the year but choosing the right destination will definitely improve your chances of seeing some sunshine.

Below are some destinations to consider along with their average high temperature in April. Use our search feature to look for a few of these from your local airports.

Sharm el Sheik. Egypt – 30°C

Hurghada, Egypt – 28°C

Marrakech, Morrocco – 24°C

Lanzarote – 24°C

Seville, Spain – 23°C

Tenerife – 22°C

Antalya, Turkey – 22°C

Gran Canaria – 20°C

Costa del Sol, Spain – 20°C

Algarve, Portugal – 20°C

Will everything be open?

Resorts with great April temperatures attract lots of visitors, so the answer for many of the destinations above is yes! But it is always important to ask this question and do your research before setting your sights on a destination. When you find an amazing price that seems too good to be true, always look into what is open at that particular time of year. Many resort towns close over the winter months meaning bars and restaurants could be closed when you visit. Hotels often remain open but with hugely reduced prices. This can be a great opportunity to bag a bargain if you are looking to enjoy the natural wonders of the destination. You can still explore landmarks, take walks along the beach, shop at supermarkets for your meals and enjoy time with your friends or family, all at a hugely reduced price. Some hotels will be offering Half board or All Inclusive stays, some will have pools, spa facilities, a bar within the hotel – so the lack of things open in town may not bother you at all.

Always check if any hotel facilities offered are restricted to certain months. For example, a lot of hotels that have waterparks will only run this part of the hotel during busier months. You may be disappointed to arrive and find out that you cant use the slides, especially if this was the main reason you chose that hotel. Most resorts do start to open up in April, with the majority being fully opened by May. A quick google search will bring up forums and message boards where people discuss what particular resorts are like at different times of the year.

If you do want to bag a bargain and travel to a seasonal destination outside of the tourist season, look at cities and towns where many locals live. If people live there, there will be bars and restaurants open to cater for them. For example if you wanted to travel to Ibiza in April, you would be better staying close to Ibiza Town as opposed to San Antonio. Certain destinations like the Canary Islands are year round destinations, and so will be lively whenever you choose to visit. Doing your research is very important.


All Inclusive or Self Catering?

This really comes down to what sort of holiday you are looking for. All Inclusive is great in that it removes any food related decision making from your holiday. If you are anything like us, making a decision as to where to eat can take a while. All Inclusive makes it easier to predict what the entire trip will cost. When you book an all inclusive package holiday, everything is pretty much covered, so extra spending isn’t essential. Bear in mind that if you don’t plan to stay around the hotel all day, it can end up being a pricey option if you don’t take full advantage of it. Breakfast included or Half board are alternatives that might work out better value for you in this situation.

View some All Inclusive package prices for travel in April by clicking here.
Self catering means you have a little kitchen area to prepare your own meals. This is a really great way to travel on a really tight budget. We do this often and will spend around £60 on a food shop at the start of the week which covers most of our meals for a 7 night trip. By making your own meals you can save a lot of money compared to eating out. We love to try local food when in a new destination so will usually eat out at a restaurant for one meal a day (either lunch or dinner) and then prepare the rest ourselves. We find this gives us the best of both worlds but saves a ton of money.

View some Self Catering holiday prices for travel in April by clicking here.




So, where to travel in April?!

The ultimate answer will be different for everyone. I hope this post has helped you ask yourself the right questions and feel closer to choosing the perfect destination.

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This post was written in partnership with Jet2holidays. All opinions remain my own. Some of the links within this post are affiliate links meaning we receive a small commission if you choose to book your holiday via them. This allows us to keep helping you all plan the best possible holidays!

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