Frequently Asked Questions

After spending a while working as an independent travel agent, I started to realise I could always find better deals by searching on websites like Skyscanner and Hotels.com. The options available to me on the agents system were limited. These platforms would add a commission on top of the final price, meaning the trip could often be found much cheaper if the client did it themselves. I didn’t think it was fair to suggest that these were the best possible prices, especially when I knew people were struggling to afford the trip. I quickly realised that many people didn’t know how to do it themselves, or they just didn’t have the time.

Here we conveniently point you towards cheap flight and hotel combinations, which you can then go on and book yourself via their websites. It is the big companies that pay us, not the individual booking the trip!

Yes it is. There are smart ways you can book to receive the optimal financial protection. We cover this over on our financial protection page.

We look at all the options for the month(s) or dates you have selected, taking into account the duration you want the trip to be. If you have selected a short trip of one or two nights duration, we ensure the flight times are appropriate giving you as much time as possible in your destination. Sometimes great times just aren’t available for specific routes but we do our best to source the optimal option. We then find the cheapest options to present to you. If you are searching by month we will present a variety of date ranges in that month so you can then pick the ones that work best for you. Flexibility is the key to bagging the best deals.

The basic flight price on budget airlines includes a randomly selected seat and a ‘Personal Item’. This is usually a rucksack or bag that can fit under the seat in front of you. (Check out our amazon shop to see the bag that we use). You will be surprised just how much you can fit into the ‘Personal item’. We have traveled for over a week with just this, it is very doable and keeps the flight price much lower. We always encourage people to travel lighter in order to travel more sustainably and save money.

Airlines like Jet2 and TUI will allow you to take a carry on suitcase on board as part of the ticket price, so always research what is included with the airline before adding additional bags.

If you do need to add more luggage, it is easy to add on once you progress to booking the flights. This will come at an additional cost and can really bump up the price.

We have developed a unique system which uses a variety of parameters to select the perfect accommodation for you. For each destination we have set the most ideal locations meaning you wont end up in the middle of nowhere (a risk when you are searching for the cheapest options!) We also filter out poorly rated accommodation meaning the options you see are a safe bet given other travelers have loved their stay. Taking the flight price into consideration, we fit all of this within the budget you have set ensuring you are making the absolute most of your well earned money.

A problem people often face when looking for a cheap DIY trip is that they find cheap flights, but then the accommodation at that destination is extortionate. By looking at both flights and hotels simultaneously, we make sure you get a great deal without wasting hours of your time.

Our favourite part of “Travel Max” which is revolutionary to the budget travel market, is the ability to set preferences within your account which then create tailored deals which are updated and sent to you regularly. You can set your preferred airports and number of travellers in your group. This information is then used to find the best value deals specifically for you, meaning you don’t have to be constantly on the look out to have great travel options available!

‘Travel Max’ members can make one full personalised trip request during the year. With this you can send us your requirements and we will plan your trip and provide the links to book.

“Travel Max” members have access to the “Bargain Lux” page which only searches 4 and 5 star hotels, the “Weekend trips” page plus the under £200 page which is always looking out for the mega bargains!

Another great benefit of our “Travel Max” membership comes with the number of trips you are able to save and then compare. Once you “Start your Journey” and find the perfect trip, you are then able to add it to your “Saved Trips”. This means you have time to discuss it with your friends and family, and can then come back to book it later on (note prices may change in this time given natural price fluctuations). Our free ‘Travel Lite” membership allows you to save one trip (which must be deleted to then save another). With the “Travel Max” membership you can save as many trips as you like, allowing easy comparison.

On top of that we are always here to assist our “Travel Max” members with any travel query they may have. Our social DM’s are overwhelmed with messages so we now unfortunately have to limit who we are able to help to the premium members of our website (otherwise we wouldn’t have time to sleep!)

Of course. We started this service to bring cheap travel to you all and will always have options for people who can’t currently afford the annual membership. Our free “Travel Lite” membership allows you access to our revolutionary search engine to find the best flight and hotel combinations. Our blog will always be free for everyone to learn from.

Our premium “Travel Max” membership has some excellent extra features and we have kept the price as low as feasibly possible (£30 for the whole year including VAT) ensuring it is affordable for as many people as possible. Our members feel it is fantastic value for money given the personalised service it offers and the money and time they save. You can trial our premium membership for free for 14 days.

Flight prices fluctuate often, the price you initially see is sourced from results acquired over the last few days. Once you have found the right deal you will have the option to click “Check live flight price”, this will then update the flight price to the current live amount. This may be slightly higher or lower than was initially shown, but usually doesn’t vary massively. Once you have the live price, you can then go on to book or add the trip to your “Saved trips”.

Of course. We are here to help you travel more and if you don’t like the site you can cancel at any time from your profile area, meaning your membership wont run over into the following year (but you can continue to enjoy great deals until it expires!) On signing up you will pay the annual fee, we are so confident you will love the platform that we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, just send us an email and we will refund your payment and get you back onto the free “Travel Lite” membership.

Note that this doesn’t apply to annual renewals, these can be stopped at any time by cancelling the membership during the year. Head to your ‘profile’ section to do this.

We have always wanted the service to be accessible to everyone. We love what we do and simply want to charge enough to keep the service running. We want you all to love the website and get great value for your money. With the cost of living rising, we are passionate about helping you keep your travel as cheap as possible so you don’t have to give up the great things in life!

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