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Bag a FREE* Gousto Box Today!

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You know we love a great deal here at The Travel Mum, any little you can save in normal every day life is extra pocket money for that next trip! As a busy family we absolutely LOVE Gousto. We first tried a similar delivery service (I will not name names, but if you follow us on Instagram you will have seen my many complaints!). After that failed us, on multiple occasions, we thought we would try Gousto. Now it’s worth mentioning we don’t work with Gousto, we pay for our boxes every week. When we saw this cash back deal we had to share it with you. We love the time and effort it saves in not having to think about what we will eat this week, not having to shop for ingredients, and actually having a varied diet. There’s a huge variety of recipes that change every week, so every meal is something to look forward to.

But what is Gousto?!

It is a meal delivery service that will make your life so much easier. You scroll through tons of meals, select the ones you like and they then send you the recipe cards and everything you need to make the meals. We find when we want to try something new, we will find a recipe online and then have to buy all the spices in big bottles that we never end up using again. It ends up costing a fortune. Gousto sends just the right amount, so there is zero waste.


Cut to the point Jen, what about the free* box!

So I’ve found a way that you can try a box for absolutely free AND earn a bit of extra pocket money for your efforts!

As you can see above, they currently offer 60% off your first box and then 20% off for the following two months. You can cancel at any point, so let’s pretend you just want the free box for a week of great meals and will then cancel. There is no commitment. You can cancel right away once you have ordered the first box (but try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it and want more!)

Step One: Quidco is a cash back website that has some fantastic deals – this Gousto deal currently been one of them. Basically, if you sign up via this link you will be eligible for a £15 bonus. To get this, you just need to spend £5 or more via the website (which we will do with this Gousto deal). If you have signed up for Quidco before you will need to use a different email address.

Step Two: Once you have a Quidco account, type ‘Gousto’ into the search box and find the £12 cash back deal. This deal is for new customers, so if you have used Gousto before make sure to use a different email address.


Step Three: Click on this deal and head over to the Gousto website to select your meals! First you will need to choose your box size, and then look through tons of delicious recipes.


Step Four: Head to the check out where you will see your box has a 60% discount. For example, a 2 person box is normally £47.98, with the 60% discount you will only pay £19.20.  But I thought it was free?!

Once you have made your purchase you will notice your Quidco account will have pending cash back for £12 from Gousto PLUS the £15 sign up bonus. Thats £27 cash back for spending £19.20! Not only will you receive delicious meals for the week, you get a little bit of pocket money for the effort! The cash back may not show up in your ‘activity’ immediately, but check back in a few days and let us know if you have any issues.



Cash back websites are great for earning some extra money over the year. You gain money throughout the year by shopping through the Quidco website. The cash back can take a few months to be actively available, but by leaving it in there for a while, you will be surprised how it builds up and can contribute towards your travel funds! With this free Gousto box you will save on your shopping next week and that money can go towards your next trip!

The link in this article is an affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything to click it and you will receive a £15 bonus. As always we only promote genuinely great deals. As a small family run business we understand that every little helps!