Apply for a Baby’s First Passport

How do I apply for a baby’s passport?

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Applying for a baby’s first passport can feel daunting. If like us you plan to travel soon after birth, you will be wanting to apply as soon as possible. Not easy when you’ve just given birth and are adapting to a new family life! Luckily for us it is quite a simple process.


Your Baby’s Passport Application Made Easy!

When do I need to apply?

Your baby will need a passport to travel from birth. If you have no intention of travelling for some time then there is no need to rush into this.

How long does a baby passport last?

The passport only lasts 5 years, so don’t bother getting one until you need it. If you have a trip lined up for after the birth, you will want to consider whether you will do a routine application or a fast track one.

How long does it take to get a baby’s passport?

A fast track passport will be available within a week. This is the process we did with Leo as we were flying soon after his birth (how cute is he above with his first passport!). We also plan to do this when our second son is born in May, as we have a trip planned for July. The passport office currently says a routine application will take up to 3 weeks, but can be longer.

How much is a baby’s passport?

A new baby or child passport applied for routinely online currently costs £53.50. (It is cheaper to apply online than by post).

If you want to use the fast track service it is currently £126 for a baby / child’s passport.

How do I apply for a new baby’s passport?

If you want to use the fast track service you can start the process here. 

If you want to use the routine service you can start the process here. 

What documents do you need for a child’s first passport, UK?

  • Birth (or adoption) certificate. If you are in a rush make sure you apply for this asap. A lot of places will allow you to pay a fast track fee to receive the birth certificate faster.
  • Two passport pictures of your baby / child.
  • Proof of British nationality.

We had an issue which required our marriage certificate. Our son has a double barrelled last name and my name was double barrelled on his birth certificate. As my documents only had my maiden name, we needed the marriage certificate.


How to take a baby’s passport photo?!

A lot of parents get nervous about this, but the rules for babies and small children are quite lenient.

Use a plain background

  • no texture or patterns
  • children must be on their own in the photo
  • babies must not be holding toys or dummies
  • Top Tip: Lay your baby on a white sheet with something supporting their head UNDER the sheet. Take the photo from above.

Children under 1:

  • you can support their head with your hand if you want but your hand must not be visible in the picture.

Ensure even lighting

  • There cant be any shadows in the picture
  • Use natural day light for the best results. Position yourselves near a window.

Plain expression and face in full view (for children)

  • face front on to the camera
  • no smile or frown – eyes open and mouth closed
  • your child’s photo should be a good likeness and taken in the last month

Children under 6 and babies:

  • don’t have to look directly at the camera
  • don’t need to have a plain expression


Can I book a flight for my unborn baby?

No you can’t. The baby will need a DOB and official name to book the flights. We had flights booked for trips we planned to take the baby on, even though he hadn’t been born yet. We have spoken to Ryanair, BA and easyJet and the rule seems pretty consistent. Essentially you pay a ‘lap price’ to travel with your baby (the baby wont have their own seat until they are age 2). This can be added onto the booking as soon as you have the required information post birth.


Need to renew a passport for your child?