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Helping you travel for less: Finding Cheap Flights

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Finding cheap flights doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few clever tricks and an open mind, you can unlock a world of possibility. We have spent years helping people just like you get away on a tight budget. Once you have found your cheap flights, you then need to consider booking cheap accommodation.

Let’s explore some great tips and additional tricks to ensure you make the most of your travel budget.

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Be flexible with your dates

Flexibility is your secret weapon when it comes to finding cheap flights. We understand that some peoples travel plans may be bound by school holidays, annual leave or special occasions, but even in those cases there’s room for adaptability. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make adjustments to your ideal itinerary when finding cheap flights. By adjusting your departure or return date by a day or two you can can make a huge improvement to the price. This is especially true around the school holidays. Miss a day or two of school (not enough to receive a fine) and save hundreds of pounds.

Use our ‘Start your Journey’ feature to input your availability, let us know how long you want to be away for and we will source you the best flights for your period. On top of that we will provide some great rated hotels that fits within your budget, oh, and its free to use!

Travel during the week

It comes as no surprise that flight prices often skyrocket for Friday to Sunday travel. If your schedule allows, explore the possibility of flying on less popular days. If you want to go away for a weekend, consider travelling Thursday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday. Avoiding weekend travel all together can provide the biggest savings.
If you are planning on being away for a week, midweek flights could save you a lot of money.
Our DIY holiday planner allows you to insert your specific availability as shown in the screen shot below. You could select every long weekend in the month to find the best 2 night getaway.

Be flexible with your destination

You will be sick of me telling you to be flexible, but  it is the key to cheap travel. Setting your eyes on a particular location may leave you stuck with excessive prices. By simply saying I want a beach holiday in July, or a City break in October, to fit within a set budget, you are opening up so many potential destinations that you may not have otherwise not considered.
DIY travel empowers you to break free from the ordinary and venture into new destinations. Whether it’s a road trip in Croatia, beach hopping in Albania or visiting a city you’ve never even heard of before, by avoiding the most popular destinations you can save money and experience something new.
Our search feature allows you to simply search for “Beach”, “City” or “Party” destinations. Alternatively you can enter a long list of destinations you are considering to see which works out the best value!

Check routes from an alternative airport

We all have our favourite airport, the one we know like the back of our hand and fly from all the time because it’s close and familiar. When finding cheap flights it’s important to remember that your local airport wont always have the best prices.

When we plan our trips we always check out a bunch of airports. Sometimes it is worth travelling to an airport a bit further afield if it offers a bargain route, better flight times or more destinations to choose from. A recent example meant we saved £500 flying from London compared to our local airport. It did mean an additional 3 hours of driving, but we decided this was worth it for the savings.

When searching for a trip, our platform lets you input your favourite airport, but also an alternative, making finding cheap flights even easier.


Travel light

You don’t need to splurge on extra luggage when booking your cheap flights. Every flight allows you to bring, at the very least, a personal item on board. This is a rucksack-sized bag that fits under the seat in front of you. If you’re wondering how on earth would I get all my things in there?! I’ve put together a helpful video with some useful tips that you can check out here.

Adding check-in luggage to your budget-friendly flights can quickly add over £100 to the price. By mastering the art of traveling with less, you can save a small fortune. If you need a little bit more than just a rucksack, a more cost efficient luggage option would be to take a carry on suitcase. Usually, this upgrade only costs around £20 more each way and is a lot cheaper than adding a big check in case.

Unlock Cheap Flights that Work for You with The Travel Mum!

Now let’s be real, we’re a bit biased here, but hear us out— our platform is a game-changer! If it were someone else’s creation, we’d be raving about it just the same. We are a normal family who have spent years managing a tight budget. We designed our platform with your needs in mind, knowing how time consuming and difficult it can be to navigate the DIY travel world. We are passionate that everyone should be able to travel, regardless of their budget.

We have spent years helping you all get the best value DIY trips and in doing so, fully understand the pain points you face. We created our free plan to allow anyone to be able to search and find great value trips. Our premium plan offers another level of assistance, we send you weekly deals that work specifically for your requirements which you set within your profile. It gives you unlimited access to our expert help and will honestly be the best £30 you spend this year. Check out our Trustpilot reviews if you don’t believe me!

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