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Argos Discount – How to bag a FREE* gift at Argos

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Now is a great time to treat your loved ones by making this most of this Quidco / Argos discount deal. Forget flowers and chocolates, Argos has tons of gift ideas to show that special someone what they mean to you with a whole under £15 section!

For a limited time only you will get £15 bonus cash back when you sign up to Quidco with our link plus up to  8.8% cash back on your Argos spend!

Nothing is Free… I don’t believe it!

It sounds too good to be true I know, but it really isn’t. Quidco is a fantastic cashback website with tons of deals across many different retailers. We are lucky to be able to offer you a £15 cash bonus for signing up. This will appear in your activity section once you have made a purchase over £5. Now, this is where the Argos discount comes into play.

So how do I get my Argos discount?!

Step one: Head across to our landing page on the Quidco website and sign up for a free account. There are some answers there for commonly asked questions too.


Step 2: Once you have signed up, find the Argos cashback deal. You will see a variety of deals with links to the Argos website. Choose a deal and then sign up for a new Argos account to get the cashback.


Step 3: Now the fun part! Browse the many gift ideas on the website. You will see that gifts are divided by price as shown below. Select the £15 and under gifts for the lowest prices.

  • If you spend £15 you will get your £15 cash bonus back, plus 5.5% new customer cash back of 82p. So these gifts will have been completely free (plus 82p in your pocket!)
  • If you spend £20 you will get your £15 bonus cash back, plus 5.5% new customer cash back of £1.10. So these gifts will only cost £3.90.
  • If you spend £40 you will get your £15 bonus cash back, plus £2.20 in new customer cash back. So your £40 of gifts will cost £22.80.

How long until I get my cash back?

The time to receiving cash back varies across retailers. For Argos they quote that sales are tracked within 12 hours. This is when the activity should appear in the activity area of your profile. The more shopping you do on Quidco, the more cash back you will see appearing in this area with its approximate payment date. Argos quote that all cash back will be paid within 4 months. From experience it is usually much quicker than this.

Do you recommend any other great deals on Quidco?

Yes! We recently wrote a post about the Gousto deal they have. There is a great cash back incentive on this one, currently £15 on top of the £15 bonus you would get for signing up. Along with the discount they offer on site, the first box ends up being free! Gousto is a meal delivery service, so a great way to save money on next weeks food shop!


Cash back websites are great for earning some extra money over the year. You gain money throughout the year by shopping through the cash back website. The cash back can take a few months to be actively available, but by leaving it in there for a while, you will be surprised how it builds up and can then contribute towards your travel funds! This Argos discount is one of my faves. I always keep you posted on socials when I see exclusive deals and flash discounts!

The links in this article are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything to click them and you will receive a £15 bonus. As always we only promote genuinely great deals. As a small family run business we understand that every little helps!