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Here at The Travel Mum we all love a bargain. We live and breathe for the next great deal. When we heard we could get £15 for simply signing up to a website, plus cash back on lots of things we spend day to day, we had to check it out. I am a firm believer that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But my eternal skepticism was proved wrong as I tried out the cash back website Quidco. It’s a game changer that is going to allow you to make easy money today.

What is it?

Essentially they pay you to shop via the Quidco website. For example, I recently signed up and did my £28 click and collect Tesco food shop. An offer they currently have allows you to get £5.50 cash back when you spend £25 or more with Tesco click and collect.

You click on the cash back link next to the offer and are then taken to the Tesco website where you can sign up for an online account before doing your shopping. I got £5.50 cash back PLUS £15 for signing up to Quidco via a special sign up link that they sent me. My £28 food shop only cost me £7.50! I have shared that link with you here, so you can get the £15 sign up bonus too. You have to spend £5 before the end of October to get the bonus, but there will almost certainly be a retailer on there which you would have purchased from regardless.

Theres over 5000 different retailers so chances are if you’re about to spend some money, you can do it via Quidco and get some cash back. And let’s be honest, every little makes a huge difference in the current financial climate.


For the Savvy Shopper

I do my food shop with Tesco which is why I chose that particular offer. But other food deals on there include:

  • Sainsbury’s – £7 cash back on a spend of £40 or more for new customers.
  • ASDA – £5 cash back on home delivery orders over £40 for new customers.
  • Morrisons – £6.60 cash back for new customers.
  • Just Eat – 25% cash back for new customers.
  • Deliveroo – 5.5% cash back for new customers.

For the Money Saving Traveller

Naturally one of our favourite things about this website is the travel section! Websites that we use like,, Jet2holidays and easyJet holidays are all on there with cash back offers. Some of our favourites are:

  • Jet2holidays – £40 cash back on new customer bookings.
  • – 10% cash back on bookings for November 23 onwards.
  • – 4% cash back on all accommodation bookings.
  • Money Supermarket Travel Insurance – 21% cash back.
  • Admiral Travel insurance – £12 cash back for annual travel insurance policies.
  • Disneyland Paris – £6.30 cash back on tickets, up to £45 bash back on hotels.
  • Purple parking (airport parking) – Up to 45% cash back.
  • DFDS ferry crossings – up to 10% cash back.

For the Fashionista

There are literally HUNDREDS of clothing retailers on there, but some of our favourites include:

  • SHEIN – 8% cash back on all orders.
  • ASOS – 6% cash back for new customer purchases.
  • Matalan – up to 5.5% cash back.
  • New Look – up to 4.4% cash back.
  • Ralph Lauren – 12% cash back.
  • Coast – 12% cash back.

Make Easy Money Today!

If you just sign up to do your next food shop, it is 100% worth it. But by spending via this website over the year, you are going to save a lot of money. They say the average person who uses the website makes £280 per year, thats a whole holiday!

  1. Use this special link to sign up and get the FREE £15 bonus.
  2. Once you have an account, browse the thousands of retailers and find one that you would have shopped with regardless.
  3. Spend £5 or more.
  4. Get your £15 sign up bonus PLUS the cash back for your chosen offer!

If you want to travel more, this is a great way to boost your funds.

We plan to keep all of our Quidco savings in the account until we are ready for a special treat once every year!


This post was sponsored by Quidco but all opinions are our own. This is genuinely a great way for you to save money and we only promote companies that we love and use ourselves.