Peppa Pig World – An Honest Review

Peppa Pig World – Our experience

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Peppa Pig World is on the bucket list of most families with toddlers or young children. When it comes to a fun toddler day out, it doesn’t get more exciting than this… There is a lot more to the park than Peppa Pig World. Located within Paultons Park which includes four themed areas, a ‘Little Africa’ area with animals, plus a beautiful garden walk with different birds to look at. With over 70 rides and attractions, there is a LOT to see and do with your seven hours in the park. This is not a cheap day out, we went as a treat for Leo’s 3rd birthday (luckily he is still under 1m so he got to enter for free) but it is definitely one to save for a special occasion! I have listed some basic information below with current ticket prices (August 2023).

Paultons Park

Park Map taken from the official website


Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey

SO51 6AL

Opening times

Weekdays 10am – 5pm

Weekends 10am – 5:30pm

Ticket prices:

You get a significant discount if you book online compared to paying at the park.

£43.50 for 1 metre tall and over

Under 1m go FREE.

Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World

Paultons Park has been on on our ‘Toddlers day out’ bucket list for a long time. Leo is a HUGE Peppa Pig fan and we knew he would absolutely love Peppa Pig World, which as mentioned above is just one area within the park. We live a fair distance away (over three hours driving) – so decided to make a weekend getaway out of it for Leo’s 3rd birthday. I found a three bedroom apartment in Newbury, which was a decent ‘mid way point’ to break up the long journey, this meant we could spend some time with our parents too – We all drove down there on Friday night after work ready for our big day out on Saturday.

The park is easy to find and there is a huge car park a short distance from the entrance. Assuming you have bought your tickets online, you can progress straight to the turn styles and don’t need to go to the Ticket counter.

It became evident that 90% of people were there for Peppa Pig World and so once the park opened at 10am there was a mad rush to this area. We didn’t realise that the rides don’t start until 10:30am – we ended up being at the front of the queue for Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride but then waiting a good 25 minutes before it started (and believe me, none of these rides are thrilling enough to justify any significant wait – for adults anyway!) As most visitors had gone straight to Peppa world, all of the queues within this area were around 20-30minutes long, whilst the rest of the park didn’t seem to have any queues at all (you can see approximate queue times on the parks app). With hind sight we would have started with the other areas and made our way to Peppa Pig World later in the day (when the crowds had moved on from Peppa Pig to the other areas). This is easier said than done when you have an excited 3 year old bursting to see his favourite character! I definitely recommend downloading the app. It is extremely helpful for deciding where to move on to next, plus helps to locate toilets and restaurants.
Paultons Park

One of the many fun rides under 1m children can ride!

Peppa Pig World Rides

There are no height restrictions in the Peppa Pig World area except for George’s Dinosaur Adventure where children under 0.85M cannot ride. They advise that the rides in Peppa Pig World are unsuitable for a child under 12 months old, but we saw lots of babies having a great time around the park with their parents and older siblings.

This is the number of attractions your child can experience in the park based on their height.

Under 90cm (20 rides)

90cm – 100cm (31 rides)

100 – 120cm (38 rides)

Over 120cm (40 rides)

Food at Peppa Pig World

We ate at the Diner in the Tornado Springs Area – As you would expect the food was expensive. Burgers and hot dogs were around £11 each and mini basket meals for kids were around £7. I’ve attached the menu below to give you an idea of prices.

There is a place called ‘The Queens Kitchen’ in Peppa Pig World which offered sandwiches and Panini’s for around £6. “Daddy pigs big tummy cafe” sells Pasties for £5, sausage rolls for £3.50 and large coffees for £3.60. If we went again we would take a picnic to save money. There are lots of areas available to sit and eat your own food.

Useful Family Friendly Facilities at Peppa Pig World

Naturally the park is very well set up for families.

There is a place to hire prams at the entrance, a single is £8.00 for the day and a double is £12.00 for the day. A £30 refundable deposit is required. You will definitely need a pram with you, especially if your little one usually naps. There will be a lot of walking and they will likely appreciate the rest.

Free identification stickers are available at the first aid centre on Show Street. Add your child’s name and add a contact mobile phone number for someone to call if your child gets lost.

There are excellent baby changing facilities (in both male and female toilets!) with areas for mothers to breast feed. I loved the special interchangeable toddler toilet seats that they have on all the main adult toilets, perfect for little bottoms who are just learning to use the toilet. The restaurants have high chairs and microwaves for heating up baby food.

They run a ‘Tot Swop’ on some of the bigger rides with taller height restrictions. Currently the Edge, Cobra, Magma, Sky Swinger, Raging River Ride, Jumping Bean, Pirate Ship, Kontiki, Cat-O-Pillar and the Dragon Ride. Essentially it allows one parent to queue and ride whilst the other stays with the smaller children, then they can swop over without having to queue again.


We had a great day out and we were surprised at how much more there was to do in Paultons Park than simply Peppa Pig World. Although we wouldn’t return again (mainly because of the high ticket price), we would definitely recommend this park to friends and family who haven’t yet been.

Top tips before your trip to Peppa Pig World

  • Pack some lunch and a flask or two of coffee – this will save you a lot of money whilst there.

  • Measure your children and work out which attractions they can use. Have a vague plan of which areas are going to be most appropriate for their age group.

  • Expect at least one queue related tantrum (if you have a toddler or an impatient husband/wife!) Whatever their thing is (iPad, teddy, bottle) – have it with you when you go to queue for a ride, you may be there a good 30 minutes.

  • If it is a sunny day, take swimming things/a change of clothes and some towels for the Water Kingdom splash park. There are lockers as you enter the park to store these things whilst you aren’t using them.

  • If you can avoid the weekend and go during the week, do it.

  • Download the Paultons Park app – extremely useful for navigating the park and it shows current wait times for all the different rides.

  • If you get to Peppa Pig World early and have a choice of which queue to join first, go for one of the more popular (and slow to reload) rides like Miss Rabbit’s Helicopters, George’s Dinosaur Adventure or Windy Castle.

  • Don’t miss the chance to meet Peppa and George at Madame Gazelle’s schoolhouse – you can find the times on the app and on a notice board by there. Try and arrive a little early to be the first in the queue and reduce more wait times.

  • Be prepared for rain and sun. This is England, and the majority of the park is open. So have sun hats, suncream and waterproofs just incase!

Most importantly, have fun!

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