Agadir, Morocco

A guide to visiting the beautiful city of Agadir, Morocco

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If you are looking for a cheap All Inclusive holiday, especially in the school holidays, you might be pulling your hair out a bit. In this post I give you a destination that you may not have considered, and explain why it will make the perfect beach holiday! Agadir Morocco is a resort destination, it is known for its golf courses, golden beaches, beach side promenade and fantastic food. If that wasn’t enough, it has a year round warm climate. We visited in November and enjoyed 30C sunny days all week! We found flights for £60pp and our All Inclusive hotel was just £200pp. We travelled with carry on luggage to keep costs low. You may wish for a self catering stay to make it even cheaper, there are lots of options within this area.

The city was completely destroyed in 1960 by a huge earthquake, but has since been rebuilt and flourishes as Morocco’s most popular beach resort.


How to get to Agadir, Morocco?

Agadir is an ideal destination for those seeking convenience. You can fly directly into Al Massira Airport, where you are then only a short drive from the centre.

Taxi: We pre booked a taxi using the company SunTransfers and the drive was around 30 minutes. We pre-booked as there were 5 of us travelling, we arrived late and we wanted to make sure they had a car seat. The return journey in a mini bus style taxi, with a child’s car seat, was £55. Divided by the 4 adults just £13.75 each.

Public Transport: The ALSA bus company operate from the airport to the centre and it takes 50 minutes. You can see the current schedule here. It is around £6.50 for a return trip.

Try our ‘Start your Journey’ feature to find some great value flights and accommodation options in the city.

– Set the budget for everyone (not per person) e.g. £400pp and 4 travellers – Enter £1600.

– Try searching from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh or Bournemouth (Current direct routes for summer 2024) Other airports won’t bring results as the direct flight route doesn’t exist.

– Enter Agadir Morocco as the destination.

– Use the specific date calendar where you can select multiple periods of availability. For example, you can select the entire school holiday period and search for the best 7 nights within that range.

– Set your duration to the number of nights you wish to visit. E.g. 7 nights.

– The hotel results will be in a great location with good reviews. Click “other accommodation” to view alternative others. Once you click ‘book now’ or ‘more information’ you will be taken to the site where you can learn more.

– Once on the hotel website you can click “see all properties” in the top left corner if you want to go and add filters to the results, for example ‘All Inclusive’.

Where should I stay in Agadir Morocco?

Agadir Beach

Agadir Beach is a wonderful area for your holiday. With a long promenade that stretches nearly 10km, you have a lot of choice when it comes to great beach side hotels. Along the promenade you find restaurants and cafes, making it the perfect place for a relaxing break. We stayed by the beach at a hotel called ‘Allegro Agadir’. Most searches you do on our website will bring this hotel up as an option. If it isn’t been shown as the first option, click ‘other accommodation’ to find it. Once on the booking page you can add ‘All Inclusive’ to the room booking. A really affordable option with a great kids club.

Agadir seafront promenade at the night


Taghazout lies 20km from Agadir and has a completely different vibe. Popular with surfers and young travellers, this colourful city has more of a village feel to it. Once just a small fisher mans village, Taghazout has flourished since surfers arrived in the 70s. The long beach to the south of Taghazout has a few luxury beach side hotels. We got a taxi to Taghazout and spent an afternoon here.


What currency do they use in Agadir, Morocco?

The Moroccan Dirham is the currency used in Morocco. It is a closed currency meaning it is extremely difficult to acquire outside of the country. We always have euros lying around the house so took some of this, some GBP’s and as always our travel specific credit card. Some places in Agadir would accept Euros when they didn’t accept card.

Tipping and haggling is standard practice in Morocco so make sure you always have some small change with you. Once we arrived at the hotel we went looking for an ATM. The one in the hotel had expensive fees, so we crossed the road to use the one attached to a bank. This saved us a decent amount of money.


Best things to do in Agadir Morocco?

Enjoy the beach

An obvious one, but spending a day at the beach is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy yourselves! There are shops selling buckets and spades and all the usual kiddy stuff. The Allegro Agadir hotel has its own private section of beach with sun beds that you can use for free. It is a roped off area so get some beds in the middle and you won’t be bothered by people selling things.

Private beach area for Allegro Agadir

Visit the old Kasbah

You can take a cable car up to the Kasbah to enjoy some amazing views of Agadir. You can walk around the walls but can’t currently go inside the Kasbah. There is a playground at the top if you have young children with you. Leo really enjoyed the cable car ride and it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

It was 50 Dirhams (around £4) to get a taxi from our hotel to the cable car station. We needed a big taxi given there was 5 of us. The price for the cable car was 120 dirhams each (just under £10) for the round trip. It was around £7 for kids under 1.40m and free for little ones under 80cm.

We have videos of our whole trip saved on our “Agadir highlight” over on instagram. Here you can see video clips of us enjoying these activities.

View from the Kasbah

Visit Souk el Had

Souk el Had is considered Africas largest urban market. This vibrant, bustling market is a great place to walk about. Take in the sights and smells and maybe do a bit of haggling! We bought some spices, shoes and souvenir fridge magnets! The initial price you are given will be high, they are expecting you to barter with them to get a lower price. We got a taxi there around 9:30am and it was pretty calm. When we left around 10:30am it was starting to get a lot busier.

A lot of blogs don’t seem to mention the poor reptiles in boxes used to lure children/adults towards stalls. Obviously a cute little tortoise or lizard will interest a child, Leo had a variety of these put on his t shirt or in his hand as we walked by certain stalls. Something to be aware of so you are expecting it!

Souk el Had

Agadir Medina

The Medina is a beautiful place to explore. The original Medina was destroyed in the 1960’s earth quake. The one we see today was rebuilt, influenced by the original architecture. We visited here after the Souk, we spent 30 dirhams on a taxi (Around £2.50), 40 dirhams for the adult admission ( around £3.15) and Leo entered for free.

There is a really great playground for the kids within the medina and a place to sit with a drink and ice cream. You can see this in more detail on our “Agadir highlight” over on Instagram.

Agadir Medina

Mini Sahara day trip

We aren’t usually ones for planned excursions. We usually hire a car and make up our own tours, giving us freedom to move at our own speed etc. But we didn’t have a car on this trip, and we were keen to see more of the surrounding area. This is one of the most popular tours in the area. The hotel price for this trip was quite high but we soon found out it was a lot cheaper to book out with the touts on the promenade.

We weren’t sure who to trust but in the end we negotiated a bargain price of £26 per adult with Leo travelling for free. This was for a private full day tour including lunch. We were picked up at our hotel by our driver where we paid for the trip in local currency. The first stop was at the river Sous where we saw flamingos in the wild. Next up we visited a pottery factory and then Tifnit fishing village. This was followed by a dune rally to a beautiful coastal area with amazing views. We were welcomed into one of the little fishing houses and given traditional tea and snacks. From here we went for lunch at a Berber village. They gave us a large chicken tagine with cous cous, bread and oranges for desert. Drinks were charged extra. After lunch we went to mini Sahara where  you could ride a camel if you wish. The final stop was at a reservoir to enjoy some great views.

Overall the trip was amazing. An absolute bargain for what we paid. I have since recommended the man who arranged the tour for us, and lots of our followers have gone with him and enjoyed his trips too. His name is Aziz and you can contact him on Whatsapp using his number +212 661 7386 44 . Mention you got his number from us and he will give you a good price. Again check out our instagram highlight to see videos of the whole tour.



Visit to Paradise Valley

We booked this tour with Aziz after having a lovely time on the mini Sahara tour. He arranged a private trip so it was just us in the car. You first visit an Argan oil factory. We had a tour of the botanical gardens and then got to sample honey, tea, and the products they make. After this we had a beautiful drive to get to the start of our walk to the valley. The walk takes around 30 minutes and there are places to stop and get refreshments en route. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You can get an idea of the type of walk this is on our Agadir instagram highlight.

Some great places to stop and relax

Paradise Valley is a section of the Tamraght River valley in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. It’s a beautiful place to visit if you want to escape the hustle of the city. There are lots of small waterfalls and rock pools before you reach the main valley where you can swim.

Paradise Valley

Other activities to consider:

  • Crocoparc – a great activity with kids.
  • Taxi to Taghazout and explore the town
  • Dune buggy excurson
  • Surf lessons
  • Visit the Grand Mosque
  • Camel Ride excursion or arrange to do on the beach
  • Overnight stay visiting the Sahara desert
  • Visit jardin de olhao
  • Hot air balloon excursion

Why are Morocco holidays so cheap?!

The cost of living in Agadir Morocco is lower than we are used to in the UK. With budget flights heading there it is easy to bag a great value holiday. A lot of people ask if it is safe in Agadir, and we felt it was. The people were really friendly, welcoming and great with kids. It is a fantastic option for winter sun that people often don’t consider. With cheap flights, cheap hotels and lots to do once there, it is a perfect destination to consider for your next holiday.

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Let’s book your trip to Agadir Morocco!