Finding Cheap Airport Parking

How to get cheap airport parking?

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So you’ve used our website to find your cheap flights and have bagged a cheap hotel, but how are you planning to get to the airport? This element of the trip often becomes a last minute thought for many, but this can lead to you spending much more than is necessary. Airport parking is no joke, the prices can shoot through the roof. Finding cheap airport parking can feel near impossible, but using the below tips you can make sure you are getting the best possible price.


Getting to the airport

Do you need to drive?

Lots of airports have great public transport connections, some smaller airports do not. Check out Trainline to see if there is a good value route between your local station and the airport. If you are travelling alone or as a couple, this may work out the better value option. We find that as a family, having the car is the most convenient option. Especially when travelling with grandparents as we often do. Once you have considered everyones train fares it is usually cheaper to park the car at the airport.

Types of airport parking

  • On site parking: These are the most convenient and consequently the most expensive. Located within the airport, you can park up and walk right to the terminal. You may occasionally find some good prices on these, but off site parking is usually always cheaper.
  • Off site parking: These car parks are usually run by third party companies and are located away from the airport. The majority offer a shuttle service to the main terminals. You can save a lot by booking this way, but always check out the reviews to get an idea of travellers previous experiences. This is the option we tend to go with.

Tips for finding cheap airport parking

Book early!

The early bird catches the worm has never been more true than it is for airport parking. We have seen parking prices more than double as the trip approaches.

Check out our cheap airport parking deal with Looking4parking

At the time of writing we have a great deal with Looking4parking which gives our readers up to 45% off of popular airport car parks. You can check out the link here to see how the prices compare to what you have been seeing elsewhere.

Consider off-site parking

You don’t need to park in the official airport car parks which are usually extortionate. We tend to opt for the offsite car parks that then offer a shuttle service to the terminal. We often travel from Manchester airport and frequently use Jetparks and Hunters for cheap airport parking. Both have always been reliable.

Get cash back when you book

Most of us are now savvy to the savings we can make with a good cash back website. We are big fans of Quidco as they offer the best cash back rates guaranteed. We have managed to secure a great sign up bonus with them, so if you can make a new account you will get a £15 bonus on top of any cash back offer you use for your parking.

Essentially once on Quidco go to Categories > Travel > Parking and transfers. Look for the offers they currently have on airport parking. These are some examples that are currently on there:


Consider parking apps

Apps like JustPark make it easy to look for local parking opportunities in the surroundings of the airport. These can be a great value option but may need you to get a taxi or Uber from the address you park at to the airport. Check out user reviews to make sure you are comfortable leaving your car there.


Extra tips when booking airport parking

  • Take photos of your car and its milage before you leave it in the car park. This will help as evidence should your car get damaged or you suspect someone has been driving it.
  • Check that your travel insurance covers damage to a car whilst left in airport parking.
  • If the parking fee is over £100, book on a credit card. This will give you additional section 75 protection should you have any issues with the service.
  • Take a photo of the area you left the car. Jetparks, for example, have huge car parks. After a week or so away it is easy to forget where you left the car.
  • If the car park doesn’t require you to leave your keys, put them in a small inside pocket and make a note of where they are. It is very common for us to arrive at the car park late at night and spend a good 10 minutes blaming each other for losing the car keys!


Cheap Airport Parking Overall

I hope this has been useful! Finding cheap airport parking can be easy enough with some savvy planning and advanced booking. As always if you need any further help, just ask!

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