Where is hot in October?!

Wondering where is still hot in October?

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As we enter autumn and the temperature drops, many of us plan to escape the approaching chill and look for warmer climates. We are often asked, “Where is hot in October?” There are many short-haul destinations (when flying from the UK) that still enjoy sunny weather in October, providing the perfect opportunity for a great-value getaway. School holidays at the end of the month send prices soaring, so if you can avoid this travel period, you should. From stunning coastal towns to island paradises and cultural capitals, here are some fantastic destinations that promise a great mix of sunshine, relaxation, and exploration during October.

Where can I visit in October?

There are endless fantastic destinations to visit in October with fewer tourists and lower prices than the recent summer months. It’s a great time to get away and enjoy a city break with more comfortable temperatures for exploring. If you’re looking for hot weather, you will need to be a little more picky when choosing where to go.

Below are some great destinations you can consider visiting in October, with the average high temperatures for that month.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt – 30°C (How safe is Sharm el Sheikh?)

Seville, Spain – 27°C

Agadir, Morocco – 26°C

Paphos, Cyprus – 26°C

Antalya, Turkey – 25°C

Canary Islands – 25°C

Turkey – 25°C

Kos, Greece – 25°C

Rhodes, Greece – 23°C

Algarve, Portugal – 22°C

Sicily, Italy – 21 °C

Consider the tourist season in your chosen destination

Some destinations, like the Canary Islands, are open all year round, meaning there won’t be a shortage of bars, restaurants, and activities to enjoy. We recently visited Croatia in September, and many of the smaller tourist towns were closing down for winter. During this time, beach bars and businesses may be closed, leaving few options for places to eat out. Always do some research into what a particular destination is like in the month you plan to visit. For some types of trips you might enjoy the peace and quiet, especially if you plan to go self catering. You can save a fortune visiting destinations in low season.

If you want to hire a car and explore the natural beauty of a place, the seasonal closures won’t be as much of a problem and may even be beneficial with much lower prices and minimal tourists. Everywhere you visit will have a hub where locals tend to base themselves and work. Naturally, these bigger towns/cities will be running all year round and may make the best base out of season.

So, where to visit in October?!

Overall, October is a great month to travel, whether you fancy a city break or a relaxing holiday in the sun. There are many destinations offering great prices, fewer crowds, and lots to see and do. Package holidays offer a simple booking process with flights, hotels, and transfers covered. DIY booking, where you source flights and hotels separately, is a fantastic alternative way to book a holiday, especially if you are on a really tight budget. It is often the best method for city breaks and when looking for the most budget-friendly accommodation outside of the typical resorts. Certain places are impossible to visit with a package. Our website makes it easy to find great-value flight and hotel combinations. Let us know if you need any help finding the perfect October holiday!